Are you are a pool shop, a pool builder, or service Technician?

Robo-Tek is the underdog of the Robotic Pool Cleaner market - and we like it that way. 

Sure, there are some ‘sexy’ brands out there that claim big, best, etc... but that doesn’t mean that a lesser-known team can’t slip in under the radar and outperform them when and where it counts the most. 

Here’s a couple of reasons why you need to give ‘a Robo a go’ 

      ● Unbeatable value for money. 

      ● Industry Leading - 3 Year, unlimited hour warranty on the Motor box. 

      ● D.I.Y. minor service capabilities. 

      ● No service contracts on commercial units. 

      ● Loan Robo-Teks available for any major (Commercial) services.

But most importantly, We want you to focus on what you do best! and we will take care of the after sales service.


Our brand is everything to us, so "your customer" is "our customer" and we will make sure they have an exceptional experience, even if things do go wrong. 

Look.... we get it.
We’re all reluctant to change... but have confidence to take the plunge (official Pool Cleaning joke). If you want a product that does the job, time and time again, is priced right and is comprehensively backed by the company that sells it... 

You'd Better Go A Robo

Join our team today and STAND OUT  from the crowd.


ROBO-TEK..... simply better pool cleaners. 


Contact us:  +61 3 9357 5662 (Australia) 1300 88 66 09

Head Office: 6 Lever St Campbellfield VIC 3061
Opening Hours:
Sales and Workshop: 8.30am-4pm Monday- Friday or by Appointment
Technical Support: +61 3 9357 5662
Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm AEST 
Weekends and Public Holidays 9.00am to 4pm (when you need us most)
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