Small, Large, or even Cordless.

   Robo-Tek has the solution

Robo-Tek is the underdog of the Robotic Pool Cleaner market - and we like it that way.

Do you know why Australians love an underdog?

Aussies know that just because ​some say they are the biggest,  just because ​they are​ the loudest, just because ​they look​the slickest doesn’t mean that a lesser-known team can’t slip in under the radar and outperform them when and where it counts the most.

Sure there are some ‘sexy’ brands out there that claim big, best, etc... but Robo-Tek products just dive in and work hard - doing exactly what they’re supposed to do with minimal fuss.

In fact Robo-Tek has been providing heavy-duty commercial Robots to the industry for over 5 years and residential robots since 2011.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you need to give ‘a Robo a go’

  • Unbeatable value for money.

  • Industry Leading - 3 Year, unlimited hour warranty on the Motor box.

  • D.I.Y. minor service capabilities

  • No on going service contracts

  • ​Free Loan Robots during Major Services (if required)

Look.... we get it.

We’re all reluctant to change... but have confidence and take the plunge!


If you want a commercial pool cleaner that does the job, time and time again, is priced right and is comprehensively backed by the company that sells it... YOU'D BETTER GO A ROBO.

A small, but powerful performers. The Robo-Pro has been commercial pool cleaner of choice for 100's of councils pools, caravan parks and resorts.   With proven capability and low maintenance costs.....You'd Better Go A ROBO


Travelling at 15 meters per minute, the ROBO-Pro gets the job done fast, covering the 30m pool in under 4 hours 



  • Suitable for pools up to 30m 

  • Caddy and remote included

  • Variable cable lengths, up to 40m

  • Up to 4 hour run time

  • Extra Large Sponge Wheels

  • 316 Stainless Steel Bearings throughout.

  • Fine and Extra fine filter bags, down to 20 micron, with storage capacity of up to 4 litres

  • Oversized intakes for large leaf litter

  • Industry leading  3 year Motor Box warranty

  • Optional Floating GRAB HANDLE for easy lifting 

If you want reliability, and DIY service capability in your commercial cleaner, then you'd.....BETTER GO A ROBO


Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner, with excellent Return on Investment. 

Great purchase price, DIY serviceable parts, Brilliant after sales service.


A large commercial pool cleaner, currently working in many public pools, olympic pools, and commercial theme parks. 


  • Extra Large Sponge Wheels 

  • Stainless Steel Bearings throughout.

  • Twin Pump motors pushing through over 600 litres p/m

  • Fine and Extra Fine Filters down to 20 Micron

  • Over sized intakes for large leaf litter

  • Capacity for up to 8 litres of leaf and debris

  • Variable length cable, up to 40 Meters

  • Smart programming eliminates the need for cable swivels

  • Floating Grab Handle to assist lifting

  • Optional mobile lifting device to reduce OH&S risks


If you want a Reliable, DIY repairable, and extremely capable commercial robotic pool cleaner, that has an industry leading 3 year Motor Box Warranty...then you'd...BETTER GO A ROBO



The Robo Rover is powered by a rechargable, floating battery pack, that provides the same power output as all our other robots. 

Run time of up to 2 hours before re-charging is required, and the filter bag has capacity for up to 4 litres of debris


The Robo-Rover has been purpose built for Resort Pools, and those other pools that have Islands Bridges, Bar Stools, or other hazards that can tangle a robots cable.

The recharge time is 6 hours, and secondary Floating heads are available for very large resort pools. 

So if you want "No Tangles Ever”  and a 3 year warranty on your Motor Box, then you'd ....

                               BETTER GO A ROBO



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