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First Level Support


Step 1 - Use the error messages to Identify the issue and resolve

All  ROBO-TEK robots have the ability to Self Diagnose any issues that arise.

The Control Box, (or floating head in the case of the Robo-Rover), will flash a combination lights, and make a beeping sound.   

Refer to the table below to determine the problem, and the solution.

Step 2 - Purchase a spare part, or request a service

Caring for your Robot

A few simple steps will ensure your Robo-Tek Pool Cleaner rewards you for your investment, long after the warranty expires. 


Be sure to remove the Robot from the pool after each use.....

       Why....Because the pool is a harsh environment (even the natural pools)

  • UV smashes through the water, trying to destroy anything in its path, let along the effects of imperfect pool chemistry)  

  • It may seem like a chore, but it will save you money in the long run. 

Remove the impeller cover

     Why....Because we want to check for debris around the impeller or impeller shaft. Debris can make its way        down to the pump motor seals, and cause them to eventually leak.   Contact for a      "preventative maintenance - seal replacement service" after 500 hours use.

  • We need to turn the robot upside down to clean the filter bag, and removing the impeller cover, will allow the robot to sit squarely on its handles, and avoid breaking the LUGS off the impeller cover

Wash your filter bag after each use....

       Why...Because your Robot relies on suction:

  • To effectively remove debris from the pool

  • To get sufficient traction to climb the walls

  • To generate enough down force, to grip the pool surface, and execute it's turns effectively.

  • Whilst a rinse in a bucket, or a squirt with the hose will work, occasionally, give them a thorough clean through the washing machine to restore suction to the original levels. 

Disconnect the BLUE floating cable from the control box,

      Why....Because you cannot wind up any cable or hose properly whist it is still connected at both ends.

  • Wind it up, in large loops, 

  • Store it on the Caddy bracket.

Put the robot and caddy away after use.

     Why:  The control box needs to be protected from moisture.

  • Extreme heat will damage the robot, the floating cable and the control box.

  • Think of the robot as a Lawn mower for your pool.  You don't leave your lawn mower on the front lawn waiting for the grass to grow.


  1. What size battery does my remote control take?

There have been two different types of Remote Controls issued with the Robo-plus over the journey (Both are compatible with all robots)

  • If you have a Black remote control,  you will require a standard 9V battery.

  • If you have a White remote control you will need a 3 Volt Disc shape battery (CR2032)

   2. Why won't my pool cleaner sink?

The "new" sponge wheels on your robot may be quite firm, or even rock hard. Being a "sponge like material", it is pretty hard to get it to sink when completely dry.  Please leave the robot in the pool for 30 mins to allow the sponge wheels to soften up.  If after this time, the wheels are not completely soft, take the following actions.

  • Make sure the robot is up the right way.

  • Turn ON the control box, with either the remote control, or the power button/switch on the control box

  • Bring the robot to the edge of the pool with your hands.

  • The control box will beep 3 times...Then it will beep a fourth time, and the wheels will start to turn.

  • In about 3 seconds , the pump will start....When it starts, push the robot under the water.... The pump will push the robot to the bottom of the pool.

(CARE....The pump is powerful, and if the impeller cover is facing you, you might get wet)


Leave the Robot on the FLOOR ONLY MODE for the 1st hour, to ensure the wheels are completely saturated, then feel free to turn on the climb mode.    


NOTE:  If your pool was exceptionally dirty, clean the filter bag, before attempting the climb mode.

  3. How do I get my robot to climb the walls.

The default mode of the Robo-Plus, Pro, Rover and Max is a FLOOR ONLY mode, however, with a touch of the remote or the push button control panel on the Control Box, you can activate the CLIMB function. Once activated, the CLIMB LIGHT will come on.

  • Look for the button that has a set of STEPS with a DIAGONAL line through it.   This is the Climb/Don't Climb button. 

  4. What causes my floating cable to tangle

Please re-read the instructions written on the user guide, the warranty card, and printed on the front of the Control Box. (also point 1 above)

"When the Pool Cleaner has finished it's cycle, disconnect the floating cable from the power supply, and wind it up carefully hand over hand. Place it neatly on the caddy, and store the Pool Cleaner and caddy in a dry well ventilated area". 

You can also purchase a cover for the robot and caddy from the spare parts page.

When putting the Pool Cleaner into the water, unroll the floating cable so that it lays flat on the ground, and allow the Pool Cleaner to take whatever lead it needs to clean the pool. Do not throw all the floating cable into the pool unnecessarily.


With proper use, and care, the tangle resistant floating cable will remain supple and tangle free. The Pool Cleaner must be removed from the water at the end of each cycle.  If you are leaving it in the water, you will void your warranty, and wearing parts will wear out quicker due to pool chemistry and UV, so please do not do this

  6. How can I tell what model Pool Cleaner I have?

The Floating cable is permanently fixed to the body of the Robo-Plus, Whereas the floating cable in the Robo-Pro, Rover and Max models can be detached from the robot's body.  Look at the pictures, on the ROBO-SHOP page.

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