An indoor vacuum for the home with outstanding HARD FLOOR cleaning capability

Robo-Home front left
Robo-Home Close up.jpg
From the Company that bought you the multi award winning Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner's, ROBO-TEK now offer another time saving device. 
The Robo-Home is a truly versatile vacuum, which not only cleans carpets and rugs, but has a built in self cleaning mopping system, that is perfect for all hard surfaces. 
Whilst other Robots with mopping fuction drag dirty mops all over the floor, the Robo-Home will regularly return to the docking station to SELF CLEAN the mop, and then return to the point where it had previously finished.  
For a Robotic Home Vacuum the delivers outstanding results, on Carpets and Hard Floors, .....You'd Better Go A Robo