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Resdential Robotic Pool Cleaners



For too long, pool owners have been burdened with the maintenance of their pools. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and if you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather a set-and-forget pool cleaner do this arduous task for you?

The Choice is simple.

  • Robo-Plus V2 or

  • The Battery Operated Robo-Rover.

At Robo-Tek International our residential range of robotic pool cleaners start with the most powerful pump on the market. This gives us two advantages. Firstly, these machines are able to pick up large leaves and debris and secondly, our extra

fine filters ensure that even dirt and even dust is no trouble for our Robo-Tek pool cleaners.

So, relax and enjoy your pool this summer knowing that one of the smartest and best selling robotic pool cleaners is doing all the work for you!

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