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 Remote Controlled Photovoltaic Panel Cleaner 

Working image.jpg

It's from Robo-Tek, so you know it's good.

This is a high performance PV robotic cleaner,  with a brush width of 1200mm and a rotation speed of 330 RPM, it can clean 1000sqm per hour.  Expect to get about 4 hours from a single battery, with optional additional batteries available for continuous use.  The constant water flow, via an attached line, provides ample fresh water to ensure your PV array returns to optimal performance.

The modular design of the body, cleaning head and battery, makes it easy to assemble on site, and quick to disassemble after use.  With a gross weight of 34kg, it has been proven for long term use, without damage to surfaces.


The PV Bot comes with  2 x 40m water pipe connection, and a remote control with cable of 150 m giving you excellent reach across the arrays. 

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