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Robo-Tek International Agents

Robo-Tek is more than just an Australian success story. We’ve also expanded our reach to ensure that our cutting-edge pool cleaning solutions are available internationally. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction extends beyond borders, and we're proud to serve customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Singapore and Fiji

Robo-Tek's innovative product range 

Our products have earned a stellar reputation worldwide. In our product selection, you’ll find:

  • Residential Robotic Pool Cleaner — The R,obo-Plus V2 the most powerful robotic pool cleaner in the market, designed to provide exceptional performance and outstanding value for money. It boasts advanced filtration, efficient waterline cleaning, versatile cleaning modes and unparalleled build quality. This top-rated robotic pool cleaner is perfect for residential applications.

  • Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners  — Robo-Tek Commercial Robotic pool cleaners are the most effective, efficient and economical solutions for all Commercial pools. The Robo Rover, Robo Pro and Robo Rover Max are the leading solutions providing superior performance and reliable service. They feature innovative technology such as smart logic navigation, obstacle recovery technology, and waterline scrubbing. They are the most powerful and reliable robotic pool cleaners on the market today. With advanced filtration systems, they are able to quickly and effectively remove dirt, debris, and organic waste from the pool surface. Their superior cleaning power also helps to reduce chemical usage, saving valuable time and money. The Robo Rover, Robo Pro and Robo Rover Max are the perfect solutions for any Commercial pool, providing superior cleaning performance and customer satisfaction.

At Robo-Tek, we aim to bring our exceptional products to every market across the globe. That’s why we’ve partnered with stockists in order to offer our products in select international markets, meeting the needs of both residential and commercial customers.


Whether you manage a strata title property or want to keep your home pool clean, we have an ideal pool-cleaning solution for you. As international robotic pool cleaner specialists, our products are designed to ensure the health and safety of pool users, especially in commercial settings. Explore our range of innovative pool cleaners and experience the future of pool maintenance.

Contact us to learn more about our international presence and our exceptional range of pool cleaning solutions. Don't settle for subpar pool cleaning — upgrade to Robo-Tek for a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable pool experience.

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