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Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Introducing the latest addition to our collection - a revolutionary product that is out of this world!

Lightweight, cordless, and priced under $800.00..........
You'd Better Go A Robo-Minnow

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Your pool isn't clean,
until it's Robo-Clean

If you spend more time cleaning your pool than enjoying it, then it’s time you enlist a robot to do some of the work for you. Our Robo-Tek pool cleaners are equipped to handle everything the Australian climate throws at us - large leaves, super fine dust and other things, you don't even want to think about. Our pool cleaners will scrub your pool floor and walls and keep your pool sparkling clean.

Discover our range for all applications - small to medium sized backyard pools (Residential), resort pools (Resorts), residential complex style pools or swim school pools (Small Commercial) or large public pools (Large Commercial) - there’s a Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaner just for you.

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Discover our range


For all applications - small to medium sized backyard pools (Residential), resort pools (Resorts), residential complex style pools or swim school pools (Small Commercial) or large public pools (Large Commercial) - there’s a Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaner just for you.

  • Residential pool cleaners — Designed for small to medium-sized backyard pools, our residential pool cleaners combine efficiency and effectiveness. With features like intelligent navigation systems and adjustable cleaning modes, they deliver exceptional cleaning results for your home oasis.


  • Commercial pool cleaners — For larger pools, such as resort pools or swim school pools, our commercial pool cleaners are the ideal choice. These robotic wonders are engineered to handle the demands of high-traffic environments. They boast robust cleaning power, large debris collection capacities, and durability to keep even the largest commercial pools sparkling clean.

Benefits of Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners


Are you tired of spending countless hours cleaning your pool instead of enjoying it? With Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners, you can reclaim your valuable time and make pool maintenance a breeze. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative design bring a number of benefits to your pool cleaning routine.


  • Time-saving convenience — Say goodbye to manual cleaning and let our robotic pool cleaners do the work for you. These intelligent devices are equipped with advanced features that efficiently scrub the pool floor and walls, leaving your pool sparkling clean. Enjoy more time swimming and relaxing, while our robots handle the cleaning tasks.


  • Pristine pool environment — Dealing with leaves, dust and debris is a common challenge for pool owners. Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners are specifically engineered to tackle these issues effectively. Our cleaners have powerful suction capabilities, advanced filtration systems, and robust brushes that remove even the finest particles, ensuring a pristine pool environment.


  • Saves water — Robo-Tek’s robotic pool cleaners can capture debris in the internal filter bag instead of your pool's main filter, which can greatly minimise water consumption by significantly reducing the need for backwashing.


  • Energy efficient — When you run your filter simultaneously with the Robo-Tek pool cleaner, you will experience a significant improvement in water circulation. This, in turn, enables shorter run times for your pool filter pumps.

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Our Family

Robo-Tek is still a family-owned business with integrity and strong values, we insists that peace of mind is of the utmost importance for customers.  That's why Robo-Tek provides an industry-leading, incredible three year "unlimited hour" warranty on the beating heart of the Robo - the motor box.

Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners offer a game-changing solution to pool cleaning. With the benefits of time-saving convenience, a pristine pool environment and customised solutions for every pool, our robotic cleaners revolutionise the way you maintain your pool.

Experience the effortless and efficient pool cleaning experience with Robo-Tek. Join our family and let our Robots take care of your pool while you enjoy its sparkling beauty. Choose the trusted name in robotic pool cleaners in Australia — choose Robo-Tek.

What Customers Say

Highly recommend! Excellent pool cleaner and fantastic customer service
We have had several pool cleaners in the past and this is the first one that we have been completely satisfied with. Gerry from Adelaide came out at very short notice to demonstrate the Robo-Tek Robo-Plus and I was amazed at how well it cleans. It had no trouble picking up the marble sized seeds that had dropped off the palm trees which other pool cleaners have struggled with. It also picked up many of the long palm leaves.
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