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 Large Scale Solar Panel Cleaners 

When it comes to cleaning solar panels and glass roofs,  Robo-Tek has the solution. 

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It's from Robo-Tek, so you know it's good.

Robo-Tek strives to deliver flexible solutions for every application, and our Photovoltaic cleaners are no exception.  Whether you require a independence of a fully automatic robotic cleaner, or the speed that can be delivered with a manually driven remote control by your staff, Robo-Tek has the best of both worlds.

Auto Bot robotic cleaner

Using the latest mapping technology, the PV AUTOBOT is the first, fully automated robotic cleaner for commercial photovoltaic panels.  With the latest technology on board, it can bridge 50mm array gaps, and traverse component height variances of up to 15mm, whilst on a slope of up to 30 degrees 

With the PV AUTOBOT on your team, you can ensure that your solar panels are generating their maximum output for your bottom line.

The PV BOT is a wide armed, robot that is manually driven by a staff member.  It is fast moving and with a cleaning brush of 1200mm this robot can cover 1000m2 per hour on a slope of up to 15 degrees, making it ideal for Glass Roofs and low angle solar panels


The PV BOT has the ability to do a dry clean (for light dust) or a deep clean with continuous water provided through a dedicated hose.  

Trust Robo-Tek to provide you with the best solar panel cleaning solutions in the market.

PV Bot Glass Panel Cleaner
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