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The future of Robotic Home Vacuums is here now. 

Robo-Tek International is here to bring advanced robotic solutions to homes around the world. Our  elite model, the Robo-Viper, robotic home vacuum, is a game-changer in the world of cleaning. With LDS and Infrared navigation, 6000PA of suction, twin self-cleaning orbital mops, and self-emptying of waste for up to 65 days, this sleek and stylish vacuum offers a new level of convenience to your life. Experience the difference that robotics can make with Robo-Tek International.

Viper logo

Introducing the Viper from Robo-Tek - the ultimate home vacuum and mopping system. With advanced LDS and Infrared navigation, it effortlessly navigates your home while avoiding obstacles. The Viper also features a self-emptying base station that can hold up to 60 days of waste, as well as 4-liter fresh water and waste water tanks. Whether you have hard floors or carpets, the Viper can handle it all with ease, even accommodating a 20mm floor height variance. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Viper from Robo-Tek.

Futuristic image of Robotic Vacuum and self cleaning docking station
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In progress Cleaning Mapping

Map of Robotic Vacuum Cleaning a floor
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We are proud to introduce the Phoenix from Robo-Tek, the ultimate home cleaning solution. With its advanced LDS navigation system, the Viper ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of your home. The Viper's App allows you to set NO GO zones and adjust the amount of water delivered to hard floors, providing intelligent cleaning in the palm of your hand. Its sleek black on black design adds a touch of elegance to your living space. The Phoenix delivers intelligent cleaning in the palm of your hand.


Trust the Phoenix to keep your home spotless and tidy.

Robotic Vacuum in docking station
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