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Robo-Spa Vac

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Robo Spa Vac.png
Robo Spa Vac.png

The Robo-Spa Vac is perfect for Spas and Swim Spas, with it's long reach, inter-changable heads, and the convenience of the USB charger, keeping your spa clean has never been so easy. 

If you have fine silt or dust that your other vacuums can't pick up, then the Spa Vac is the perfect solution, with the ultra fine cloth sock that fits over the mesh filter, you spa will be cleaner than ever before. 

The Robo-Spa Vac is also suitable for anywhere the robotic pool cleaner can't go. Think about shallow pool steps, Water Features, Ponds. The Robo-Spa Vac can get into any hard to reach area.  

The extra fine cloth filter captures the finest particles, without it, all Spa Vacuums just push the particles straight through the mesh filter, and back into the water. 



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