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At Robo-Tek, we have an robotic pool cleaner for every situation

  • The Robo-Minnow is your go to, above ground pool, (and small inground) pool cleaner. 

  •  The ROBO-PLUS V2 will handle any residential pool (excluding vinyl under .75mm thick).

  • The ROBO-PRO and ROBO-MAX are suitable for pools up to 25m, and 50m respectively

  • The ROBO-ROVER with its Floating Battery, is perfect for complex resorts with islands, bridges and bar stools, or for people who just don't want to deal with long cables.

There are a limited number of the original Robo-Plus, (now a  run out model) available for immediate purchase. 



 Run Out Model- Limited Stock

Run out Model

We know times are tough, and we have a limited number of Run Out Models available, so if a new V2 is currently out of reach, , consider purchasing the Superseded, Multi Award Winning Robo-Plus, in brand new condition, with full manufacturers warranty.

Last chance to Grab one before they all run out.    And once they're gone,  they're gone!  

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