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Robo Plus V2

At Robo-Tek we are about authenticity.
That is why we provide real photo's in real pools, showing real results. 

Power and performance really does make all the difference.

Looking for a hassle-free way to keep your pool sparkling clean?

Look no further than Robo-Plus V2, the best robotic pool cleaner in Australia. With cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly design, Robo-Plus V2 delivers exceptional efficiency and effectiveness, tackling leaves, fine dust, and debris while scrubbing walls and floors. And with our commitment to customer satisfaction, you enjoy exceptional after-sales service when you join the Robo-Tek family.

Robo-Plus V2 review summary.jpg

All shapes, all surfaces one robot The Robo-Plus V2 

Your pool isn't clean, 
until it's Robo-Clean

Thank you for considering the "Robo-Plus V2" Robotic Pool Cleaner for your pool cleaning needs. 

Don't be fooled.

There are plenty of fancy CGI images and videos of robotic pool cleaners claiming to remove the fine dirt, or large leaves from your pool.  When shopping around, be sure to ask "how fine" can the robot filter, and if it is above 70 microns, please understand, it is not going to capture very fine dust. 

At Robo-Tek we like to keep things real, so our videos shows exactly how the Robo-Plus V2 performs. 

What do consumers say?

In case you didn't know, the V2 was built on the foundation of the Robo-Plus which won the Product review award (as voted by consumer who own the product) for 4 years in a row.  Whilst the Robo-Plus V2 has not been around long enough to win one of these awards, we feel it is only a matter of time. 

Take a moment, (60 seconds to be precise) and watch this time lapse video of the V2 in action.

Buy with Confidence

Whether you have large leaves, or super fine dust, we are so confident that you will love your ROBO, that not only will you "give it a name", but, we give you 5 days to play with it, and if it doesn't work the way we say it will, just take it back to where you purchased it from, for a full refund. 

Robotic pool cleaner under water
Man holding a robotic pool cleaner

Time lapse of the ROBO-PLUS V2

V2 Unboxing Video QR Code.jpeg

V2 Un-Boxing Video

Nothing is more important than your family

Woman scared of what is in her pool
woman shocked at what is in her pool
Woman relaxing in a Robo-Clean pool

To maintain a clean and healthy pool, it's crucial to have an effective pool sanitization system and minimize the amount of debris in the water. When selecting a robotic pool cleaner, it's important to pay attention to the robots filtration capability, usually expressed as "Microns" The lower the number, the better the finer the filtration.

Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners come with a 70 micron filter bag and we give you a second filter bag FREE that is 20 micron.  This way we can ensure the finest particles are removed from your pool, keeping it clean and inviting for the most important people, you and your family.

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