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Robo Plus V2

The Control box for the Robo-Plus V2
This is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for residential pools

The most powerful model on the planet.

The Robo-Plus V2 is our latest upgrade to the Multi Award Winning Robo-Plus. 


Some people have asked, why change something that has won the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner award for the last 3 years in a row?   


The answer is simple. At Robo-Tek, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, in both performance and value for money.


Using the Award Winning Robo-Plus as a starting point, we created a brand new sleek outer skin, we made our drive belts capable of withstanding even the most demanding Commercial environments, we designed quick release sponge wheels, for ease of servicing, and numerous other cosmetic improvements.  We then teamed this with a smarter more ergonomic control box a sleek new remote control, and finally, our Caddy cart is now next level in terms of build quality and finish.

What hasn't changed? 

  • Everything that was great about the Robo-Plus,

    • The powerful motors,

    • The largest leaf intakes on the market,

    • The ability to stop the finest dust, and of course:

  • Our passion for our products, and

  • Our desire to provide outstanding customer service. 

Robo-Plus V2 Operating Instructions April 2023 - Robo-Tek
QR Code V2 Unboxing and Set Up

Read it               or                Watch it 

The new Robo-Plus’ key features

  • Advanced Filtration - Delivering superior 20 micron purification, ensuring a cleaner safer swim for your family.



  • Versatile Cleaning Modes - Tailor your cleaning cycle with either Floor and Wall, or Floor only modes to ensure the most efficient clean every time.


  • Rugged Build - Under the sleek exterior is a staunch build quality designed with the Australian backyard in mind.


  • Effortless Maintenance - Quick release sponge wheels simplify upkeep ensuring consistent top-tier performance.


  • Obstacle Escape Technology - Relax knowing that this pool cleaner does not need to be monitored.


  • Smart Controls -The ergonomic control box and remote guarantees easy and intuitive operation.


  • Powerful Suction - With 200 watt rating, it delivers enormous suction, proven to remove broken glass, large stones and even razor blades from pools.


  • Ingenious Navigational Logic - Regardless of the pool shape, it will deliver full spectrum cleaning coverage.


  • Massive Debris Portals - Boasting the industries largest leaf intakes, it easily accounts for the largest of gum leaves. You will be surprised what the V2 can capture.


  • Peace Of Mind - Constant on-board monitoring of the critical components within the motorbox, which are all backed by a 3 year warranty. And don't forget, you also get Robo-Tek's exceptional after sales customer service. 


The Robo-Plus V2 is more than a pool cleaner — it's the epitome of ingenuity and reliability. The features of the best robotic pool cleaner in Australia embody exceptional performance, convenience and remarkable value. If you own a pool, the Robo-Plus V2 is an essential tool that you need to have in your cleaning arsenal. 


Robo-Tek is renowned for several things, Power, Performance, Customer Service and Simplicity, that's why we only have one residential pool cleaner.


Whilst other brands will try to convince you, that many different models are required, because all pools are different. At Robo-Tek, we simply won't buy into that. 


So we still just have ONE residential pool cleaner that does it all. Water lines, Floor and Walls, Floor only, Large leaves, fine dust , all surfaces, all shapes, with the Remote control, and the caddy.  All supported by an unlimited hour, 3 year warranty on the motor box, and 2 years on the rest. 

Choosing a Robotic Pool Cleaner suitable for your pool, has never been easier! 

For a Robotic Pool Cleaner, with no excuses, ever! .................You'd Better Go A ROBO

Explore the ultimate pool cleaning solution with Robo-Tek

Make pool cleaning a breeze. Choose Robo-Plus for a cleaner, sparkling pool that reflects our dedication to excellence. As the best robotic pool cleaner in Australia, Robo-Plus delivers simplicity and power in one package.


Equipped to handle all pool sizes, from small residential pools to expansive resort pools, Robo-Plus excels in efficiency and effectiveness. With a focus on user-friendly design, our swimming pool robotic cleaner offers hassle-free maintenance and remarkable results.


Harness cutting-edge technology that tackles leaves, fine dust and debris while scrubbing walls and floors. With the Robo-Plus, you can experience the ease of a clean pool without the effort. If you decide to join the Robo-Tek family, you can enjoy exceptional after-sales service that embodies our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Some Technical Data

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V2 Videos

Time lapse of the ROBO-PLUS V2

V2 Images
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