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Robo-Tek Gekko 

Window cleaning made easy with the Robo-Gekko

Cleaning windows is not just a chore, it can be quite dangerous, especially those hard to reach windows.  Don't put yourself at risk, watch this video and see how the GEKKO can do the dangerous work for you.


Robo-Tek brings advanced robotic solutions to homes all around the world. And our Window cleaners are no exception. From the sleek design, to the powerful twin cleaning pads, and ultrasonic water spray, window cleaning is no longer a chore. 


Experience the difference that robotics can make with Robo-Tek International.

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Safety and Convenience

Don't put yourself in danger trying to clean hard to reach windows, you are far more important to your family than a clean window.


The Gekko is a safe and convenient way to clean your all your windows, including double story windows, both inside and out, whilst you enjoy quality time with your family.

Even long window above a stairwell in your double story home are no trouble for the Gekko.  The Gekko can be easily placed at the bottom of the window and once activated, will make it's way to the top and systematically make its way down. 


If required, you can activate the dual ultrasonic water sprays to assist in washing and drying the window. Once the cleaning is complete, the robot stops near the base of the window, and waits for you to turn it off and safely remove it.

If there is a stubborn stain on the window, the robot can be directed with the remote control enabling you to achieve the desired result every-time.

It is recommended that a safety rope be tied to the robot in the unlikely event the robot loses suction on the window, and one is included in the kit. 

If you want Clean windows, don't put yourself at risk, get yourself a Gekko. 

Looking for a product that offers more than just a transaction? Look no further than Robo-Tek. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the sale - when you choose Robo-Tek, you become part of our Robo-family. Join us today and experience the difference for yourself.

AI Smart Route Plan for Thorough Cleaning 

The Gekko will move horizontally from top to bottom and cleans the glass thoroughly, you can even direct it using the remote control 


Bio-mimicry Technology

Our cleaning pads are designed to move with precision, ensuring an exceptional clean every time. With perfect synchronization, you can trust that our pads will leave your surfaces spotless and looking their best. Say goodbye to dirt and grime and hello to a perfectly clean space with our top-quality cleaning pads

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Ultrasonic Water Spray

A perfectly synchronized mist is sprayed directly into the path of the moving wet mop, this can be either pure water, or our special cleaning fluid.



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