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Robo-Tek Glider

The Glider - A Robotic Home Window Cleaner  

Introducing the Robo-Tek GLIDER - the most advanced window cleaner on the market. With intelligent path planning, spot cleaning, active sensors, and collision avoidance. This device ensures a safe and efficient cleaning experience. Equipped with a larger water tank, two ultrasonic mist sprays, and clear voice instructions, the GLIDER is the perfect solution for cleaning your windows and glass pool fences. You can also rest easy, knowing the GLIDER's internal UPS is there to provide protection in the event of unexpected power loss.

side view of the Robotic Home window cleaner showing its water spraying nozzel
robotic window cleaner sowing power cable

At only 7.4 cm high, the Glider can fit behind most security grill to make cleaning those window much easier. With Ultrasonic nozzles on both sides of the Glider, the windows are getting sprayed with ultra fine mist regardless of the direction of travel, ensuring clean glass everytime.

Perfect for frames glass, and the Gliders square shape, it is going to get into the corners of your windows. 

Trust the Glider to leave your windows sparkling clean.

The Robotic Window Cleaner is a user-friendly device that simplifies the task of cleaning windows. With just a few easy steps, you can connect the power, lanyard, and start the device. The Glider is a reliable and efficient tool that will leave your windows sparkling clean. Watch our short video to see it in action and imagine the possibilities for your home or business.


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