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3 in 1 Industrial Floor Cleaning robot

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Looking for a thorough, hygienic, and reliable cleaning service for large commercial facilities? The prowler is perfectly at home in Airports Terminals, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Museums, Medical Centres, and and similar environment that is labour intensive to clean. Our state-of-the-art 3 in one Floor Cleaner, has the very latest navigation systems ensures that every corner of your space is covered, while our advanced vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing technology tackles hard surfaces and carpets with ease. Trust the Prowler to take care of all your commercial floor cleaning needs.

Powler - Commercial 3 in 1 floor cleaner
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  • Inteligent Navigation and Positioning

Multi sensor fusion navigation and positioning algorithm based on 2D LIDAR  +IMU+Milometer, delivering unmanned-driving level operation.​

  • Automatic Obstacle Avoiding System

2D Lidar + 3D and RGB CAmera + Ultraonic Sensors, ensuring multiple obstacle avoidance, anti-collision and anti-fall.

  • Super Large Laser Mapping

Remote control to create the map, so no need to push around to learn. The largest mapping area, up to 20sq Km​

There are so many reasons for customers to choose other venues to visit and cleanliness is one of them. Having a foyer that sparkles and screams welcome is just so important.


We all know that thorough cleaning is a thankless task and one that requires employees to have same passion as the business owners and managers, and that is hard to find.


 With the Prowler, commercial floor cleaner, you get a cleaner that wont rest until the job is done, regardless of the time of day you want it done.


 Just look at what it can do for you, and it won't even ask for a pay rise.


  • Floor scrubbing, dust mopping and vacuuming.​​

  • Timer function, automatic cleaning, no manual intervention

  • Smart obstacle avoidance, anti-collision and anti-fall

  • Super large laser mapping (20km square)

  • Automatic "Low Power" return and recharge

  • User identification and management

  • Intelligent consumables reminder

  • Touch Control, Remote Control and App control and Voice notification

  • One Click emergency stop

  • Data Security - Only stored on users Cloud account 

  • Multi sensor fusion technology, intelligent navigation and positioning


  • Add the LIFT CALLING option for $2,000 (per robot) and set your Prowler free over the entire building (up to 16 floors per lift).

  • Each Robot is paired to a specific lift, where multiple lifts exist, multiple robots will be required.  However, the Lift Option can be eliminated with manual delivery of the robot to each floor (Robot notifies user when a floor is finished, and waits to be moved)

Features of the Robo-Prowler
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surfaces the Prowler can clean

Venue examples

Venues where the Prowler can be deployed

Easy to clean and replace modular components

  • Water and sewage tank both detachable for easy cleaning and filling.

  • Cleaning modules (Vacuum, Mop and Scrub) easily interchangable.

  • Clip Type Battery for easy removal and installation. 

  • Quick and easy access to the dust bag.

display of modular components
parts description
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Parts Description 

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