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PV AUTOBOT - Solar Panel Cleaner 

The first fully Robotic Photovoltaic Panel Cleaner in Australia

Solar Panel Cleaner 8.jpg
PV Auto Bot Solar Panel Cleaner

Using the latest mapping technology, the PV AUTOBOT is the first, fully automated robotic cleaner for commercial photovoltaic panels.  With the latest technology on board, it can bridge 50mm array gaps, and traverse component height variances of up to 15mm, 

With the PV AUTOBOT on your team, you can ensure that your solar panels are generating their maximum output for your bottom line.

The PV AUTOBOT is a revolutionary photovoltaic panel cleaner that eliminates the need for a permanent water attachment during operation. With 8 liters of water on board, it can clean for up to 75 mins without the need for a refill.


And, the refill process is so simple, using the ergonomic hand held remote control, (with a 30m range) simply drive the robot to your closest water storage, fill it up, and let the robot return to work.


Say goodbye to traditional Photovoltaic cleaners and switch to the PV AUTOBOT for a more efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience.


Trust Robo-Tek to provide you with the best solar panel cleaning solutions in the market.

Solar Panel Cleaner


Solar Panel Cleaner schematics
Solar Panel Cleaner schematics


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