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Benefits of Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners

Are you tired of spending countless hours cleaning your pool instead of enjoying it? With Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners, you can reclaim your valuable time and make pool maintenance a breeze. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative design bring a number of benefits to your pool cleaning routine.

  • Time-saving convenience — Say goodbye to manual cleaning and let our robotic pool cleaners do the work for you. These intelligent devices are equipped with advanced features that efficiently scrub the pool floor and walls, leaving your pool sparkling clean. Enjoy more time swimming and relaxing, while our robots handle the cleaning tasks.

  • Pristine pool environment — Dealing with leaves, dust and debris is a common challenge for pool owners. Robo-Tek robotic pool cleaners are specifically engineered to tackle these issues effectively. Our cleaners have powerful suction capabilities, advanced filtration systems, enormous debris intakes, and robust brushes that remove even the finest particles, ensuring a pristine pool environment.

  • Saves water — Robo-Tek’s robotic pool cleaners can capture debris in the internal filter bag instead of your pool's main filter, which can greatly minimise water consumption by significantly reducing the need for backwashing.

  • Saves Money -Every time you backwash, you don't just lose water, you also flush $$ of chemicals down the drain.

  • Energy efficient — When you run your filter simultaneously with the Robo-Tek pool cleaner, you will experience a significant improvement in water circulation. This, in turn, enables shorter run times for your pool filter pumps.

  • Effective use of your chemicals - Regardless of the sanitisation system you use, if the chemicals cant get to every corner in the pool, then, you will get algae and other nasties building up. The power of the water pumps in the Robo-Tek range, eliminates stagnant sections of pool water, ensuring a much safer environment for your family.

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