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How do you know if a robotic pool cleaner will actually clean your pool?

There are lots of new cordless robots on the market....But, will they deliver? It all comes down to two basic things, (although very inter-related).

  • Filtration level.

  • Flow through rate.

So please ask yourself, do you want your family and friends to swim in a pool that looks clean? Or do you want them to swim in a pool that IS clean?

Here is some information to help you ask the right questions when looking for your first, or next pool cleaner.

How fine is the filtration?

You need to know the MICRON rating of the filter. The lower the number, means more nasties and finer particles will be removed from your pool. But in order to achieve this, and still provide wall climbing capability, it's going to need to be powerful.

Here's some MICRON perspective...a human hair is 80 microns, so a filter that is 70 Microns is pretty good, and 20 Microns is great. but 180 Microns, and 270 Microns, well, you can imagine what slips past them.

What is the Flow Through Rate?

Whilst difficult to measure, Flow Through Rate is more a visual thing....If you can't see significant water movement, then perhaps the flow through rate is not very high.

The Robo-Plus V2 climbing the wall, and you can see the power, even in this still shot.

Flow Through Rate is determined by two factors, the power output of the pump motor, and the fineness of the filtration.

High flow through rates can be achieved with low powered motors and batteries, if combined with Filters that have High Micron ratings. But this means more dirt and nasties are left in your pool. Sure, it will climb the walls, and scrub the waterline...but the dirt will flow through the filters, suspend in your water, and settle on the floor after the robot is removed. Defeating the purpose, wasting energy, and your time.

Also a High Flow through rate, will consume more power, so ensure the Power being delivered, is constant throughout the Run-Time, as reducing power to extend run-time is just cheating.

Robo-Tek offers standard filtration rates of 70 micron, and provide a second filter rated at 20 Microns. (included with every robot). We can do that, because we have a very powerful pump coupled with a strong power source. So even with the super fine 20 micron Bag, we can still climb the wall, and scrub the water line, not to mention, remove those nasties and fine dust from the pool. And that's not just for the first 30mins, but for the full run time you select, because at Robo-Tek, we have the power to deliver the results you deserve. (Battery or Wired).

Keeping It Real

At Robo-Tek, you won't see CGI video of a pool being cleaned, we will show you the real thing. Why...Because we can, and we stand behind the product, its performance, and capability. Just have a look at this time Lapse video.

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