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Solar Powered Skimmer 

Introducing the innovative Robo-Tek, Solar Powered Pool Skimmer, The Robo-Skimmer has a back-up battery for continued operation, even after dark.  Its wide mouth design and twin drive motors allow for efficient and thorough cleaning of your pool, while underwater sensors help the Robo-Skimmer avoid obstacles for a hassle-free experience. Collecting  big leaves and fine pollen, before they hit the pool floor helps prevent staining.  Say goodbye to manual skimming and hello to the future with the Robo-Skimmer!

branded_Robotic Skimmer

Robo-Minnow - for small pools 

Totally Cordless, Light weight, Quick Charge and Super Convenient for above ground pools and small in ground pools..

Boasting a filter grade at 110 microns, there is no need to let the frustration of your suction cleaner suck the life out of you any longer.

You won't believe the price

Young female in bikini holding glass of juice while relaxing in swimming pool

Robo-Spa Vac

Looking to keep your spa clean and free of sand and small particles? The Robo-Spa Vac is here to help. With its rechargeable design and extra fine filter sock, this innovative tool ensures that even the smallest particles are no longer an issue. Invest in the Robo-Spa Vac today and enjoy a cleaner, more relaxing spa experience.

Robo-Spa Vac

If you have a lot of  large leaves, and / or fine dust,  this robot delivers exceptional results with no excuses. Built on the power and performance of the Multi Award Winning Robo-Plus, the V2 not only looks better, it takes it all to the next level.

The Control Box delivers sustained power for as many time cycles as you want, and is delivered via 15m of floating cable. 

A Cordless robotic Pool Cleaner with Battery Pack
Floating Battery for Robo-Rover
Remote control Image


There are Battery / Cordless Robotic Cleaners, and then there is the Robo-Rover. 


Anything with a self contained battery will have limitations on its capability, and our Robo-Minnow is no exception.  The Floating Battery Head on the Robo-rover, contains a huge Lithium Battery, that floats on top of the water, delivering the same power output and high performance as the Robo-Plus V2.


If you are looking for a cordless robot, AND expect a flawless result, don't be fooled by the countless cordless robots promising the world.  They simply cant deliver! 


The Robo-Rover isn't cheap, but you won't find a Battery Operated /Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner that even comes close to the power and performance of this outstanding Robotic Pool Cleaner 

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