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Robo Rover - Unrivalled Battery Power

At Robo-Tek, we are dedicated to transforming your pool cleaning experience with our cutting-edge Automatic Pool Cleaners. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to create innovative solutions that simplify pool maintenance. One of our flagship products, the Robo Rover, is designed to revolutionise the way you clean and maintain your pool.

Unleash the power of Robo Rover - Automatic pool cleaner

  • Effortless water line cleaning — The Robo Rover goes beyond just cleaning the pool floor and walls. With its advanced capabilities, it effortlessly tackles the waterline, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive clean. Say goodbye to unsightly waterline stains and enjoy a pool that gleams from top to bottom.


  • Superior climbing capability — Equipped with twin drive motors, the Robo Rover effortlessly climbs and scrubs the walls of your pool. Its powerful grip and precision navigation system enables it to cover every inch of your pool walls, ensuring a pristine and spotless finish.


  • Quick cleaning option — Need a quick clean before hosting a pool party? The Robo Rover offers a quick cleaning option that focuses solely on the pool floor. In just minutes, it will have your pool floor looking immaculate, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the pool with your guests.

The Robo Rover’s key features

The Robo Rover boasts a range of key features that make it the ultimate robotic pool cleaner:


  • Cycle time — Choose between 0.5, 1, or 2-hour cleaning cycles, allowing you to customise the cleaning duration based on your pool's needs.


  • Floating head situated on either 2.5m or 3.5m cable — The Robo-Rover is free to roam the length and breadth of even the most complicated pools.  


  • Advanced filtration — With three filter grades available, the Robo Rover offers customisable filtration to effectively capture debris of various sizes, leaving your pool water crystal clear.


  • Sponge wheel brushes — The four sponge wheel brushes provide optimal scrubbing power, gently yet effectively removing dirt, algae and other contaminants from your pool surfaces.


  • Super suction — The Robo Rover's large leaf intake and massive pump motor ensures that even the toughest debris is efficiently captured and removed from your pool.


  • Quick Clean Floor only mode — Turn off the climbing function, and watch the Robo-Rover clean the floor in under 30 minutes (for an 8m x 4m pool).

Upgrade your pool cleaning experience with the Robo Rover

At Robo-Tek, we understand that every pool has unique needs. That's why apart from Robo Rover, we also offer a comprehensive range of robotic pool cleaners designed for residential and commercial pools. Whatever your pool type or size, we have the perfect solution to keep it clean and inviting.


After COVID, especially in commercial settings, both consumers and regulators have higher expectations for superior water quality to ensure the health and safety of pool users. That's where Robo-Tek products come in and make a real difference.

Don't settle for subpar pool cleaning when you can have the unmatched efficiency and convenience of the Robo Rover. Experience the future of pool maintenance with our advanced robotic pool cleaners.

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